Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2 Stones River & the Hermitage

Stones River , in Murfreesboro, TN was one of the few Civil War Battles fought in the winter, Dec 31, 1862 - Jan. 2, 1863. The Confederates pushed the Yankees back on the 1st day, both sides had an undeclared truce to collect wounded on Jan. 1 and resumed the battle on Jan. 2.
The North held the battlefield & claimed victory & control of middle TN . We added 5 NPS stamps including Trail of Tears & Underground RR Historic Trails & TN CW stamp & special Stones River Artillery stamp.
The Slaughter Pen scene of intense fighting on the 1st day
The Rocks were almost like ready made trenches-breastworks for the troops of both sides to use in the fight.
Many Civil War battlefields have special names for specific areas of the battlefield like the Slaughter Pen or where Hazen's Brigade fought - "Hell's Half Acre".
Hazen's Brigade erected the 1st Monument on any C W battlefield in 1863.
It's a shame that the view of this hallowed ground is spoiled by an ugly quarry. This is why I belong to the Civil War Preservation Trust. Please support them ... they are also fighting against building a WalMart on the Wilderness battlefield in VA and a casino at Gettysburg.
Near Hazen's monument are these 2 graves: Wlliam Holland , a former slave & member of the US Colored Troops ( The official name) and his grandson's in the back ground- William Harlan WW I

The Hermitage was Andrew Jackson's home just outside of Nashville. He owned about 1200 acres and about 150 slaves.

The House is the most complete/original of any Presidential home. I've been to alot of Pres. homes, Mt.Vernon, Monticello, etc. and I was very impressed with all the furniture,paintings, wall paper and personal artifacts that are original to the house.

Like many plantations & farms of the 19th century, the family graveyard is near the house in beautifully designed formal gardens.
Andrew Jr. was the adopted son, actually Rachel Jackson's nephew. It's a long story.
The Tomb of Andrew & Rachel Jackson

We spent about 3 hours touring the grounds. They have portable audio sets with head phones that you enter the # of the location & hear the description of that portion of the grounds; kitchen, garden, slave quarters, etc. The audio sets really added alot to the tour experience.

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