Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 12 Saguaro to Las Vegas

Saguaro NP, Tucson, AZ

We spent the night with my cousin Cindy Larson, Ron & Sarah, getting caught up on 14 years of family, pictures,etc. Ron made an egg souffle' for breakfast from an Ostrich Egg. Tasted just like chicken.
They live a few miles from the Nat'l. Park
Any family resemblance? We used to have the same color red hair.

The Saguaros were just finishing blooming.
Cindy said 2 weeks earlier would have been spectacular.
After a boring 7 hour drive from Tucson through the desert,

we crossed the Colorado River at Bullhead City, AZ and went a few miles to the Jct. with US 93,

turned left and drove about 2 miles to...
So we took some pictures, crossed the state line, turned the car around and ...
...took some more pictures. We spent 3 minutes and maybe drove 20 ft. in California, but we were there.
We arrived at Las Vegas just at dusk so we drove down the Strip before we went to the hotel.

(don't blame me, Wanda took this one)

I booked all the hotels for the trip about a month ago based on price, ratings, breakfast & location.
The Orleans had about the highest rating, a free shuttle bus to the Strip and cost $35. But when we registered they gave us an upgrade...

... a 2 room suite.
They did add a $5 resort fee but I didn't mind.

It's a shame we were only there a short time so really couldn't take advantage of the luxury.

We took the shuttle bus to the center of the Strip.
The escalators connect with a series of pedestrian bridges at the intersections.

One of the things we wanted to see were the fountains at the Bellagio.

We saw a show on Modern Marvels about how they animate the water.

We stayed for 2 shows that run about every 15 minutes.
I'm not a gambler but I did win 5 times what I put in . I played $2 on a 25 cent slot while waiting for Wanda & after about 15 minutes, cashed out $10. Last of the big time spenders.

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