Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 24 Grand Teton & Yellowstone

We left Jackson & drove up Teton Pass - 9453 ft. the steepest mountain pass I've driven.

The view east from the top of the pass.
8-10 % grades for the 30 mile roundtrip
just to take the picture and another state.
On the way to Yellowstone, we stopped at a number of turnouts for views of the Tetons.
I wish we would have had blue skies & sun on the snow.
Le Grand Teton
A glacial cirque is the hanging valley holding the glacier.

This herd was about 300 yds off the road.
7,308 miles from Cornelius - 17 States -Day 25 - 37 NPS - 145 NPS passport stamps

The 1st geothermal feature we stopped at was the West Thumb Geyser Basin.
I was a little surprised there wasn't much of a sulfur smell.
The intensity of colors was amazing.
I can't remember all the names for the springs & geysers we saw but this one was Ear Spring.
We saw Old Faithful erupt 3 times , although the 1st time was as we were driving, maybe 1/2 mile away.

One our Wanda's must sees was the Old Faithful Inn.
The lobby was the epitome of nat'l park architecture.
The timber construction was a work of art.
We had a glass of wine on the 2 nd floor porch and had the best view for the 2nd eruption.
The wind shifted and created the rainbow.

This one had an interesting bubbling, gurgling, hissing sound.

The colors in the runoff is caused by thermophiles, heat tolerant bacteria.

The colors changed based on the water temp.
words can't describe the beauty

This geyser went off while we were at Black Sand Geyser Basin and continued for about 15 min. The height varied from 1-5' tall during the eruption.

Another night in another State.

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  1. Hi Guys! I received a two postcards from you today when I got back to work. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I enjoyed them very much. I am also enjoying reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful and interesting photographs! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey!