Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 19 Dinosaur & Steamboat Springs, CO

We left Salt Lake City, UT and climbed the pass through the Wasatch Mountains.We've commented so many times on our trip about the change of terrain, vegetation & climate in a short amount distance. Salt Lake City was in the desert on the west side of the mountains and green forests were on the east.

We stopped at both visitor centers, in Utah & Colorado.
The main VC at the Bone Quarry has been closed for some time due to stuctural problems.
The temporary VC had limited fossils displayed, but there were great examples of different types of bones & species. Holding them, there was a variety of weight and textures. Even impressions of skin.
an Allosaurus claw
( Artist's rendition - not built to scale )
We saw so much of Red Rocks in Utah that it was a nice change to see different colors. What an amazing shade of GREEN ! seems like the 1st we've seen the color in weeks.
The Blue Mt. in the Colorado portion of Dinosaur NM, shows the bending of the rock strata. We're certainly learning alot of Geology.
"Flat Iron"s of a different kind of rock at right angles to the Blue Mt
Our 3rd time entering the state. The 1st time we entered Colorado, we were on top of Raton Pass and it was raining and no place to stop and take a picture of the welcome sign.

We also took another picture of the Utah sign. Each time we've entered the state - that region has had a different symbol.
We've been stopping at nearly every welcome center for brochures, etc. This moose bench was out front.

When you picture Colorado, this is generally not what you think of.

We followed this farm machine for about a mile before we could pass...

Can't figure out what it was or why he had the flags: CO, US and something that looks like a dragon.
Windmill cafe' . We turned around to go back & take the picture, so we decided to drive around this little town for some more pictures... these gas stations we've seen for the last few days (Wanda insisted, she took this picture),

or this car Wanda spotted.

We were much impressed with the Nordic Lodge in Steamboat Springs, CO.
It has the best decor of any hotel we've stayed in: Knotty Pine.

In front of the 100 yr. old L.M. Light Western store in Steamboat Springs, CO. We had passed signs for it for @ 20 miles so we had to see it: Boots, Hats, Spurs, Cowboy clothes

We had the 1st major rain for the trip while we were in the hotel room. When it stopped I went outside to the car to get some things, saw the glow, grabbed the camera and went out to the street to see this.

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