Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 18 Salt Lake City

US 191 Moab Canyon,UT
The Moab Canyon is on the western edge of Arches NP.
When we arrived in Moab it was early evening, the cliff face was in shadow so we took pictures in the morning when we left.

Face Rock, Moab Canyon ( we thought we could see a couple of faces)
We drove about 3 hours through very boring desert (Wanda drove & I caught up on sleep) and spent the afternoon at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. The Assembly Hall was built around 1880.
The Interior

The sculpure dedicated to the pioneers who pulled their handcarts all the way to Utah

The famous Morman Tabernacle. I commented to our guides that it looks much bigger on TV.
Our guides were great and took us all around the square except in the Temple which is closed to the public.

The Temple
They had a great visitor center/museum/research library that had a cut away view of the temple
and we watched a video that explained the purpose of the many rooms inside.
We took a short tour of Brigham Young's Beehive House. It had very interesting architecture inside but they didn't allow pictures.

I zoomed in on the top a this building a few blocks away and

the State Capital, about 4 blocks away.
The Seagull is a symbol of when the birds arrived to devour the crickets that were destroying the pioneer's 1st crops.

I knew that the Great Salt Lake was so salty that you could not drown.
So we went out to the state marina to try the water.
The lake was very shallow from years of drought.
I probably waded out 30 yards and the depth was only up to my knees.

It took a few attempts to get my weight balanced with the waves.
It was a very strange feeling, I wish it wouldn't have been so windy making the waves so I could really relax and float effortlessly.
When I got out, I was very itchy from the water, or
maybe it was the brine shrimp ,so I showered ASAP when we got to the hotel.

The Kennicott Copper Mine is right next to GSL. If we would have had time, I would have liked to see the world's largest open pit mine

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