Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 35 Niagara Falls, ONT.

I'm almost caught up with the blog. I did finish pics & comments for Days 33 & 34 , so check back on those days.
One of our longest days of driving was from Mich. City, IN to Niagara Falls along the IN/OH Turnpikes so we didn't take many pictures.

We drove into Michigan yesterday on our drive along the lakeshore at Mich. City, but there was no State sign, so we got off an I-90 exit and drove 1/2 mile for the sign picture.
Our 26th state - the best picture we could get at highway speeds.
Back home in PA, although the opposite end from where I grew up.
We crossed the Peace Bridge at Buffalo, NY into Ontario, Canada
This Customs checkpoint was alot more complicated than Sherwood, ND or Int'l Peace Garden.
We probably sat in line for 1/2 hour. Just like the other 2 times, the US border Guards asked alot more questions than the Canadians.
We had both been to Niagara Falls previously
but neither one of us had ridden on the Maid of the Mist Boats.
It had been cloudy all day and just as we got to the base of the American Falls, the sun came out and we had this little rainbow.

The ponchos are absolutely necessary.
At times, the spray & wind was an intense swirl, the ponchos bellowed from the air and we had our hoods covering our faces to keep the water out.

They drive the boat right up to the base of Horseshoe Falls and hold it there in the heavy spray for about 5 minutes for the ultimate water spray & thunder of the water, sound experience.
The small falls are Bridal Veil falls & the people pay to walk down there to get wet.
The boats really get quite close to the falls. The rocks were only a few feet away at times. the boat captains must be really good. I wonder how they learn?
This is the tower to access the American Maid of the Mist boat.
We crossed Rainbow Bridge on our way back to the US. The US. border guard really grilled us with a lot of very specific questions.
The promenade along the Canadian side of the Niagara Gorge has many beautiful flower beds.

Just as we got to the car, the sun broke through the clouds and I ran back down to the edge to catch the light on the water.
This was a casino on the American side that had really wild animated LCD lights.

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