Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 26 Little Bighorn,MT - Hulett,WY

We've driven 80% 2 lanes roads for the last 3 weeks and mostly it's been lonely desert drives or tense mountain driving with no signs "civilization" for hours. Many times we've wanted to stop & take some pictures in some small town. When I saw the name of the town I casually asked Wanda if they'd have any bats and sure enough they did!

The School Mascot
Jim Bridger Mountain Man sculpture in front of the auto parts place.
Art Deco ? in the middle of a nowhere Montana little town.
This was at the 1st Interstate rest stop we came to in Montana.
We went to Washita Battlefield, OK early in the trip , where Custer & 7th Cav. massacred Southern Cheyenne. Here the Northern Cheyenne returned the favor.
Last Stand Hill
The stones are arranged exactly as they fell,
the headboards facing different directions.
Even the horses have a monument

The visitor center had a great small museum with Custer's personal uniforms
& artifacts.
an original war bonnet
Painting of "Last Bugle Call"
Outside the Vis.Ctr. was a display of Cavalry & Indian articles
There were about 10 Indian markers of known Warriors.
The Indian Monument was a circular stone kiva monument listing fallen warriors of each tribe and this beautiful sculpture.

Three Warriors, Blues Skies & Green Grass on the Prairie

There were tombstones of groups & individuals where they fell along a 4 mile ridge.
Imagine the view from here of 3,000 Indian teepees and Custer had 300 soldiers. He deserved what he got.
Devil's Tower Inn, Hulett, WY. Last night was the worst motel we've had and tonight has to be the best, other than Vegas.
We were floored when we walked in. The room was equally impressive, knotty pine frontier style decor.

We've seen all these animals in the wild for the last week. On the drive this aft., we saw about a dozen antelope on the plains and maybe 20 deer when we got to the Black Hills and tommorow more in Custer St Park, SD

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