Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 23 Thermopolis to Grand Teton NP

I try to get caught up the blog each night but by the time we get settled at the hotel & upload both cameras, I just run out of time, So I added comments & a few pics from day 22 and will do the same... post the pics & add comments later. I may be an extra dy behind beacuse tommorrow is 1/2 Grand Teton & Yellowstone so there will be hundreds of pictures to sort through to post. This blog is harder than I thought.
Hot Springs SP in Thermopolis, WY is the world's largest hot spring. Our hotel was on the park grounds and had hot water piped directly to a jacuzzi on the hotel property. The hot soak really felt good.
We drove around the small park and looked at different hot springs.
When the Arapaho Indians signed a treaty giving up their land, one of the stipulations was that the hot springs be open to all people free of charge.
The overflow from the spring has built up large terraces above the river
Teepee terrace was created when townspeople installed a vertical pipe in one of the springs and the terrace has grown to this size in 100 years.
On the way to Jackson, WY we spotted this Elk made out of antlers so we turned around and stopped at the Antler Workshop & Gallery in DuBois.

The owner, Kurt Gordon had some fantastic antler creations.
He had piles of antlers inside & out. We told him we'd post his site
We arrived at Grand Teton in the afternoon as a storm was coming over the mountains
so the view was a bit muted without the sun shining off the peaks.
The most spectacular thing about the Tetons is they rise directly from the flat valley floor, there are no foothills.
Mt. Moran
Grand Teton - these are some of the most jagged peaks we've seen.

I've been looking at the webcams from Jackson for years and we had to get a picture at the antler arches in the square in downtown Jackson.

Kurt at the Antler gallery recommened the Gunbarrel for a buffalo steak. It was great! Almost sweet tasting, grilled over mesquite, melt in your mouth.
The decor was pure cowboy, stuffed big game animals, gun collection, rustic wood construction.
We went in, looked around got a flat penny & bought a T shirt.

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