Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 34 Chicago & Michigan City

Wanda had lived in Chicago many years ago and we planned a day to see as much as we could.
She drove & I took the pictures. The 1st really cloudy & overcast day we've had all trip.
We drove completely around the stadium to see it from all angles.
"Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks -his quote on the statue " let's play two "
These bleachers are on the roofs of houses across the street from left field and
the scoreboard.

the one place I wanted to visit was the Chicago Historical Society to see the pictures that A R Waud ( my Civil War personality) drew of the Great Chicago Fire. They had some amazing artifacts, like coins fused together from the heat.
Obviously they had a whole section about the gangs and Prohibition.
We both are fans of Frank Lloyd Wright. His design of a sewing table.
The other famous Chicago architect was Louis Sullivan who was famous in the arts & crafts movement. He coined the term " form follows function". This is a panel from an elevator door .
Since Wanda was driving, I took pictures of any building that looked interesting.
Maybe the underside of the EL isn't that interesting but it is what you see driving around the Loop and an iconic image of Chicago.
The Chicago River
Downtown was very Vertical. I thought it was more vertical than NYC maybe because the streets are alot narrower
We didn't get a picture of the Wisconsin or Illinois welcome signs so since Wanda was driving I could take the pic on the interstate on our way to Michigan City, IN.
Wanda lived here for a few years and she has a painting of the Mich. City lighthouse in our house.
It's the only operating lighthouse in Indiana.
Across the harbor from the lighthouse is the Indiana Dunes Nat'l. Seashore.

She used to have a boat at the Yacht Club.

her old house.

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