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Day 29 Enchanted Highway & Theodore Roosevelt, ND

Belle Fourche is on the northern end of the Black Hills, SD on our way to ND

They have the monument in a nice park along the river and a great museum, altough we didn't have time to do more than take some pictures.

This is one of the Absolute Locations we're visiting on this trip ( NCSCOS- 5 Themes of Geography)

Some locals were using the sign as target practice. It's on US 85 about 20 miles from the closest town.
The Enchanted Highway - about 30 miles between Regent & Gladstone ND is the site of the World's Largest Scrap Metal Sculptures
We discovered this attraction when Wanda was recovering from surgery & I got a bunch of the state tourism brochures. She saw this on the map & I looked it up, so we had to see it.
The creator Gary Greff is a retired HS principal who came up with the idea of using scrap metal from local farms to create the sculptures as a way of drawing tourists to the little town of Regent. Birds actually built nests in the metal pine tree.
Check out the website for details like sizes and construction materials on the sculptures . "if you build it they will come."
The World's Largest Tin Family.

Tin Pa

Tin Ma
Tin Son
Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again

Each sculpture has a parking area, covered picnic table and a kiosk with info about the sculpture and copies of news & magazine articles about the Highway & Gary Greff. ( Wanda's in the stage coach)
Pheasants on the Prairie
This was very impressive the way the wire mesh was bent & painted.

Pheasant Chicks
The Pheasants are on the corner of 102nd St. NW & 61st St. in the middle of nowhere, Hettinger County, ND. We were really puzzled at their street numbering system, miles from any sign of life is a dirt road- 61st St.?

The view fron the corner... Why'd they need a stop sign?
Fisherman's Dream was the most elaborate of the sculptures.
We spent the most time walking through the sculpture
looking at all the different fishes from different angles.
The details of the fishes scales and coloring was remarkable.
The car gives you some idea of the scale of the Grasshopper


White Tail Deer - Wanda's standing at the rear leg to give you some perspective of the scale
Behind the parking lot at the Deer was an amazing maze of intricately cut iron plates
I can't imagine how many 100s of tons of metal is incorporated into all these sculptures.
Geese in Flight is recognized by the Guinness book as the world's largest scrap metal sculpture. I took this picture from about 5 miles away.

the road leading to the parking lot
Geese in Flight is located at the exit on I-94. If I didn't know about it & saw this, I'd certainly get off the highway & check it out.
T R went to the North Dakota Badlands in 1883 to hunt after the deaths of his wife & mother and then started ranching.
The park includes some of his ranch properties and some of the best of the badlands scenery.
Wanda was much more impressed with the North Dakota Badlands than SD
The30 mile Park driving tour winds its way over the hills &

valleys with ever changing scenery.

This was the largest herd of buffalo we've seen on the trip.
The black color are thin bands of lignite coal
some kind of bird looking rock
I guess some folks would be tired of all different colors and shapes of rock erosion.
The red is scoria, sandstone that had been changed by heat.
One of the types of wildlife Wanda wanted to see was a herd of wild mustangs.
There were 3 Prairie dog towns in the park. These guys were watching
this solitary Buffalo ambling towards them.

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